Monday, July 26, 2010

This Weekends Achievement

I have been so excited to blog today about my latest sewing project!  I was dying to make the entry earlier, at work, but the pictures hadn't been uploaded yet.  A blog entry about a sewing project without pictures is just I waited.  Finally, the wait is over!

This weekend I made a skirt.  Interestingly enough I really haven't made very many skirts.  I tend to gravitate towards dresses.  Last year, in an attempt to sew more, I had bought some navy blue linen to make a pair of shorts.  I only needed a yard of the fabric to make the shorts.  Of course, I never made them, and the fabric was still just laying around in the office. 

Thursday night inspiration hit me and I decided to use the fabric to make a skirt for work.  I didn't have quite enough of the fabric, so I made the pocket facing out scraps from the polka dot sundress I made earlier in the summer.  I should have done the waistband facing in the polka dot too, but I didn't think of it till I was walking up to the gym today.  At that point, I was wearing the skirt, and it was way too late.

I am so incredibly proud of how the skirt came out.  I think it's my best project so far.  It's by far the best constructed project I've made so far (even though it still does have a few flaws), and it actually fits me well.  I wore it today, and think it's going to be a staple in my wardrobe. 

Okay....picture time!!

It's kinda hard to see the detail in the skirt in this picture.  It's got a curved yoke and pleats in the front.  It's easier to see in the close up below:

My absolute favorite part of the skirt is the pockets.  The facing is just so cute.  No one can see the pocket facings when I'm wearing it, but I don't care, cause I know it's there.

Finally, the fabric had frayed a lot while it was sitting in the office waiting to be cut into something. If it frayed just sitting there doing nothing I knew it wouldn't be able to sustain repeated washing.  I decided to take the extra time to finish the seams.  It would have been way easier if I had a serger (I think I want one).  I like the way they turned out.  They definitely give the project a way more finished look.
Voila!! What do you think? 

My next project is a floral tank top that buttons up the back.  It's all pinned out.  Hopefully, I can get it marked and cut out before Thursday :) Work is so getting in the way of my sewing.



El Hubsterino! said...

It's amazing how different the blue looks between the pics!

Margie said...

I had to do a little adjustment on Picasa with the exposure. On a few of the pics you just couldn't see the detail on the skirt.

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