Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Patio Furniture Redo

I had been dying for a new patio set since we moved into our new, and current, apartment last year.  Our set was old, and weathered cause we hadn't really taken care of it.  I combed the sales.  Looked at Target and Ikea, but just couldn't seem to find anything that was nice and affordable.  I really really didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a patio set for an apartment with barely any backyard.  
Patio Furniture: Before
 Then I had a idea, well, really, it was a stroke of genius.  The patio set we had, while it looked kinda tired, was still structurally sound, why not just repaint it??   I got Hubs all psyched up about the idea.  I convinced him that a fresh new patio set would compliment his barbecue grill (which is his pride and joy). 
So, off to Home Depot we went to get spray paint and sandpaper.  We decided to redo everything in an island theme.  We went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon, and have been obsessed with the islands ever since.  After much discussion we settled on a blue color for the wood, and a coppery color for the metal pieces.  
Hubs and I put the tarp down in the driveway and started working.  It was a fabulous Saturday for a project.  I washed down all the pieces, and started taking them apart.  We painted each slat of wood and each metal part separately instead of dealing with tape.  We got the bench and the coffee table sprayed and then ran out of paint.  Hubs ran to the store to get more, asking on the way out what colors to get. Did I tell him the wrong coppery color to get? Absolutely!   He was upset.  "Measure Twice, Cut Once Marge"!!, he told me (I'm always making those kind of mistakes...what can I say....I'm blond).  Instead of getting the coppery colored spray paint we got a gold color.  I insisted that it would look okay, convinced him of it and we sprayed just the chairs in this goldish color.  
Once everything came together Hubs realized I was right.  You can barely notice the difference in the colors, and if you do, it's complimentary.  The patio furniture itself looks new, and ready to enjoy life again, and to think, the whole project was less than 30 dollars!! What do you think?
Patio Furniture: After
I've been following the CSI Project blog for months now, loving all the projects that people post, but never posting my own.  I decided to link up today, since the theme is furniture makeover. I've linked here



Just me... Bigbee said...

Very tropical! Now all you need is a fruity drink and some sand under your feet. Nice job!

The Thriftress said...

I love the blue paint you chose! Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my cradle makeover!

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