Tuesday, July 13, 2010

...and a big cold jug of sweet tea.....

Hubs and I went over to Martha's Vineyard on Thursday night, to join the celebration for our friend Jefe's birthday.  He likes to celebrate his birthday by having a few drinks and pretending that we are all still in college, whilst soaking up the sun on Martha's Vineyard.  Of course, we oblige him in this wish.
As a family, Hubby and I love Martha's Vineyard.  Actually, the dog loves the island too, as he has visited it with us several times.  Some of the stores in Edgartown actually leave water outside for the doggies.  Guin didn't come with us this time though, as we knew that there would be a few too many people at the house for him to be able to relax.   We love several things about the Vineyard, which I will list for you.....now:

-Chowder on the Ferry - (Yumm...but a definite no no with my lactose intolerance)
-South Beach - (The waves are HUGE!! and actually a little scary)

-Sharky's Cantina and their Black Cherry Mojitos
-Shopping in Edgartown
-Jumping off the Jaws Bridge
-Gingerbread houses in Oak Bluffs
-Mad Martha's Ice Cream
-Fried Seafood
-Morning Glory Farms (a new favorite)
-Bike Trails
-Karaoke at Seasons (of course I sang...."All or Nothing by Otown")
The one thing that Hubster and I didn't count on those was getting super sunburns (I was looking for another adjective there but just couldn't find one that would describe the pain).  We went kayaking on Friday with a bunch of our friends.  Hubs and a bunch of our Island celebrators went out in the kayaks and drank beers while paddling and floating around.  I stayed back on shore with Maura, Jefe and my Sweet Tea Vodka.  We had both applied sunscreen, but time seemed to just get away from us.  Before long, the vodka was gone (I shared, don't worry) and I was starting to get a little red.  Anyone who is light skinned knows this isn't a good sign.
By Friday night, we were both beet red and in serious pain.  Hubs was just as red as me, but on significantly less of his body, as his legs were in the kayak, and he wears a cutoff shirt at the beach.  Basically only his arms were burned.  But on me, I had been wearing a two piece, and lets just say that there was more burned than not.
Right now, I'm still red on my stomach and upper legs, and on the more sensitive areas of my chest (like near my boobs where my skin wouldn't be bared in a tank top).  I've been applying aloe like a fiend trying to ward off the peeling.  Fingers crossed it works.
Next time I'm definitely going to need a little more sunscreen, some reapplication, and maybe a hat.  
As I've said before, every good story needs a moral.  The moral of this story, if you are going out in the sun, and you are going to be drinking, make sure that the wind isn't blowing when you apply spray sunscreen, or use lotion, or wear a full body coverall.


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