Thursday, July 8, 2010

Africanized Horned Beetle Affair

Last night we had a BBQ at our apartment. Hubs is thinking about starting up a firm with some of his co-workers. We had them and their significant others over for food and booze, and to talk about work.

Tuesday night I cooked up a storm. There was lots of bowls with tinfoil covering them in the fridge. And I attempted key lime pie. Of course there were some extras and I ended up making a few little pie - lets.

The BBQ went well, everyone ate and had fun. We sat in the backyard for awhile, which meant that the back door, and the door to the apartment, were left open for a little while. As far as Hubs and the dog are concerned, the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. A moth got into the house.

Hubby hates moths. His entire family does. Its the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. They making riding the world of moths their personal vendetta. According to them, once a moth gets in and is allowed to live, it will go straight for the closet, and have a feast on their clothes. The clothes of the world are just not safe with moths getting indoors.......

Quick Sidebar.. all this moth talk reminds me of a funny moth story. Funnier, even than the one I am gearing up to tell. Last year when we went to the Vineyard we stayed up pretty late out on the deck and the moths were attracted to the light. Now, these weren't just any moths. I'm pretty sure they were Lunar Moths. They were HUGE. Hubs, who had been drinking since 11 am (Corona is breakfast beer he says) was absolutely CONVINCED that these large moths were fairies. One of them got into the house, because, lets face it, drunk people just don't know how to shut doors. Once the moth was in the house, Hubs and our friends started screaming every time it came near (it really was kinda scary and huge, especially if you're wasted). Usually, Hubster will lead the human against moth battle, and fight to the death, but not this time, this time he wanted to catch it, cause it wasn't a moth, it was a FAIRY. With bowl in hand Hubs ran around the kitchen (which is funny in itself being that Hubs is a pretty big guy) waiting for the Fairy (moth) to land. Finally, he got it, put the bowl over it, and screamed "Maura, I caught you a Fairy, I caught you a Fairy". It was hilarious. I laughed until I started wheezing. I had to take my inhaler. In the morning we laughed again, especially when we picked up the bowl and realized it was just a big fregen moth.

Back to last night. A moth got in the house. We noticed, while getting ready for bed, that the horrid moth had found it's way into the bedroom (where our clothes live!). Hubby just could not stand for that. Our home, our bedroom especially, is a no moth zone. So, he stood up on the bed, and grabbed and rolled up a magazine (so as to turn it into a weapon). Hubby started whacking the bedroom light with the magazine, since that's where the moth had been flying near (of course). Guinness had been sleeping at the end of the bed when the whacking started. He quickly realized that this was not a smart idea. He ran up to the head of the bed with me, but decided Hubs chances of falling on us were too great. He jumped off the bed and got out of the bedroom entirely.

I couldn't stop laughing at Hubby as he tried to kill the moth. Somehow he kept missing it. Once it went in his mouth, another in his armpit. And throughout the whole affair, he kept grabbing himself. When I asked him about it, he said that he was afraid that the moth would fly up his man bits (like it was some sort of Amazonian He almost fell backwards on me twice, but I thought it was hilarious. He was buzzed, I was buzzed, and eventually, I wasn't able to breathe from all my laughing.

I wish I had taken pictures....but he wasn't really dressed either, which would have made him so mad at me. Eventually, we decided the moth had been killed, even though there was no hard evidence. He went to get the dog to put back in the bed, but Guin was still scared. He refused to go back to the end of our bed, and wanted to sleep in between us.

I love my dog. I love my life. You just can't make up stuff like this.


Anne said...

Haha...that story cracks me up. You paint an excellent picture!! How'd the key lime pie come out? sounds delish!!

Marge said...

It was really good, and very easy to make. The only thing was it got a little melty cause it was so hot out. I had to store it in the freezer.

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