Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Go Shortie, it's America's birthday

I've been sitting here, at my desk at work, eating veggie sticks, and trying to figure out what to title this blog entry for about the last forty five minutes. I'm not going to lie, I was doing a little Facebook stalking too.  I thought this might help the creative process, but as you can tell with what I settled on "go Shortie, it's America's birthday".  Pathetic.
Lots transpired this weekend that I have to discuss with you, my reading public (or should I say,  Anne). Hubster and I drove up to Maine to spend the weekend with my family at the campground that they had booked into for the week. 
Sunday, we celebrated our Nieces 2nd birthday.  She was a little less than thrilled.  It was hot, she was tired, and the party just wasn't doing it for her.  The cake was good though, and I liked her presents...so not all was lost. 
The birthday girl's special cake, that she could have cared less about :)

While I was at my parents house I took it upon myself to raid my mom's pattern collection.  Thank god my mom has kept all of her patterns from basically the beginning of time.  I picked myself out some pretty cute vintage patterns to play with.  I also raided the pattern collection at my sisters house.  These were much more modern....but I did walk away with two new patterns.  Sunday night we went to see the fireworks in Winthrop.  I got bitten alive by mosquitoes (as hubby says MOSS - Keetos).  More to come on that topic.  It's way to elaborate a discussion for this post.  It will have it's own post, with pictures, so that you can see the disgusting state my body is in right now.
The Winthrop, ME fireworks....as captured by my IPhone
Monday, Hubs and I decided to make the trek back home around 1:00.  We had thought we would go later, but plans changed and we decided to head down a few hours earlier.  Terrible idea.  Traffic from Wells to the bridge just before New Hampshire was really really slow.  Hubs frustration level was high.  I turned the sound off on my phone and captured a picture of him in the midst of his frustration (if he would have caught me he would have been so mad btw...so good thing I got away clean).

Before we went through the York Tolls
After the York tolls (traffic never let up)
Hubs is less than happy....I mean...who crosses their arms while driving when they are?
It took us about four and a half hours, in the 90 degree heat to get home to Boston.  We were super tired, especially Guinness who slept all the way:
"What did I tell you about taking pictures of me when I sleep?"
After dinner (and ice cream), Hubby and I sat on the couch, thinking that we were going to relax and watch some TV before bed.  I got out my nook and did a little reading, until my eyes started closing.  At about seven, I decided to take a nap.  Hubby joined.  Guinness was already sleeping.  At nine, Hubster woke up and decided we should all go to bed.  So the three of us woke up, and simply moved our sleeping to the bedroom. Impressive.  This is one time where I wish someone could have taken a picture of the three of us sleeping in front of the TV.  Guinness in his crate, his doggie blanket pushed up against the wall of the crate so to make a pillow.  Me smooshed in the corner of the couch with the ottoman for my feet, sweating profusely while wrapped tightly in my snuggie.  And finally hubby, laying prone on the couch, with his legs across my body.  Precious...hilarious....unfortunately, uncaptured.  
Life just isn't fair sometimes.


Anne said...

LOVE the princess cake!!! :)

Sounds like a packed weekend. We had a good one too...I hated to go back to work today :( not fun!!

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