Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bug Bug or Leprosy?

Over the weekend in Maine I got some intense bug bites on my body. Most of these bug bites were focused on the tops of my feet. I think the bugs decided to feast there primarily because it is the area I forgot to put bug spray on. But, I got bit on the areas I put bug spray on anyways, just not so profusely.

I don't know why they liked my skin so much, but I've been in actual pain over the bites since Sunday. I've never had such a clustering before. Monday night, I actually had to take a Benadryl to get to sleep cause the itching was that bad.

So, here's what they looked like yesterday morning (today it's a little better). What do you think? Bug Bites, or Leprosy?

Ps. In case you are wondering, yes I did take these pictures in my cubicle. When inspiration hits, it hits, you know?


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