Monday, July 19, 2010

This dress is sooooo 2005

I had felt like sewing all week. I really wanted to start something new, but I knew I shouldn't. I decided that I needed to work on some old and unfinished projects before I could start anything else. I have a bunch of old projects tucked away in the office. Some of them are simply fabric with a purpose, but others are cut out and sewed a bit, and then tossed aside. Yesterday, I decided to work on a dress that I started on in about 2005. I sewed the bodice and then my interest fizzled. I think I was always concerned about the fabric that I picked out. A ton has happened in my life since this dress was cut out in the summer of 2005. I got engaged, and then married (a whole two years in between), got braces and lost thirty pounds, then gained it all back (and more....devastatingly). I got a puppy, moved into a new apartment, got a new car, a new job, grew my hair out and lost a few close friends. Seriously, a lot has happened, and all that time my poor dress was stuffed into a bag......somewhere.
So, yesterday I took the dress out and started sewing. The bodice was completely done, and most of the skirt had already been sewn together. I just had to iron it before I started. Four-ish years in a bag creates some nasty wrinkles I'm telling you! Then I got to sewing. Honestly, it probably only took me about an hour and a half to finish it enough to try it on.
Sadly, when I tried it on it was too big in the chest (of course there really isn't much up there). I did a little creative, my dress is already done and the bodice lined so I can't really take it in the right way, modifications.
I think despite being a little big it looks cute and retro.

I wore it to work today, and it seems that the material is the kind that stretches a little after wearing. It's a little bit bigger than when I put it on this morning, which makes me sad. I'm wearing a cardigan over it, so at least it's hidden, but I may have to go back in and try to alter some more. Any ideas as to what I can do to take it in any more in the sides? I'm at a loss, but the moral to this story is definitely don't wait four years to finish a sewing project, cause chances are it will either be too big or too small :)


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