Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conspiracy Theory 1, Celtics 0

Hubby's theory on the finals series going all seven games is looking pretty good after last nights game.  I don't even know if I'm ready to talk about what happened in LA last night.  Hubs and I started watching the game, but then the screaming at the television just became too much.  We went to bed in disgust.  There were just way too many attempts to make a basket without the ball making contact with the net.
We'll see what happens tomorrow.  Hopefully they will be able to redeem themselves.
Today, I get to leave at one thirty.  Can you hear the choir of angels singing?  Since it's probably going to be pouring once I leave my basement dungeon hell, I've planned an afternoon of sewing for myself.  I drove my little buggy into work, instead of taking the train, especially for the afternoon of sewing.  After one quick stop at the fabric store, and another for groceries, it's home to Guin and the sewing machine.
Don't worry....there will be pictures of my success....or failure.  Cross your fingers for success okay?


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