Friday, June 18, 2010

Thinking, Fasting, Waiting

Hubby bought me the eBook copy of Siddhartha (by Herman Hesse) last week.  I got it all loaded up on my Nook, which I love, and started reading it Monday.  I had never read Siddhartha, but Hubby had.  He said that in my current unhappiness in my profession it would be a good read. He was right. I love it.
I've read a few self helpish kind of books in the last year and a half.  The Four Agreements, The Alchemist, and now Siddhartha, are the books I have read that I would consider self helpish.  Actually, they are probably more spiritual than anything else. From each book I took away a lesson, one that I try to use in my daily life.  I'm hoping eventually these will help me to be a better and calmer person. 
The Four Agreements suggested four simple rules to live by that would bring happiness to ones life.  It seemed simple enough.  The second rule, Don't' take anything personally, is something I've been struggling with for years.  I take everything personally. 
The Alchemist introduced me to my personal vision, and that no dream is ever unattainable.  It may be hard to get to, and it may take awhile, but it's not impossible.  Basically, the Alchemist told me that eventually, if I really wanted to, I could be a published author :)
Now, in Siddhartha, I feel that I may have learned my most important piece of knowledge.  When asked by Kamala what skills he has at one point in the book, Siddhartha answers, I can think, I can fast, and I can wait.  Kamala does not regard these as important skills.  But, to me, I think these may be the most important things one can have.  Instead of feeling an emotion, and needing to squelch it right away, Siddhartha, can wait, access the situation and do what he thinks is best, not simply be ruled by his emotions and desires. 
Thinking, Fasting and Waiting, sounds so simple, but I feel like if I applied it to my professional life right now, maybe I wouldn't feel so lost.  Maybe if I could sit back, and assess the situation without being ruled by my emotions or desires I could find a solution, without feeling like I'm stuck in a dead end. 
Hubby was so right about me needed to read Siddhartha.  I feel like it has given me hope.


Anne said...

Sounds like a great book! If I were I better reader I would give it a shot. I enjoy it, but am so slow that I usually give up and end up just watching tv instead! How am I am English major??!! haha :)

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