Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's going to be a project weekend!!

 This weekend I am the lucky owner of the 24 hour support pager. I win this "prize" every third week. When I'm on call, I have to bring my pager and my support laptop wherever I go, which shouldn't be more than an hour away from my place of work (incase there was a computer meltdown or something). Basically, I'm stuck at, or significantly close to, my apartment.

I've decided this weekend is going to be project weekend. I ran this past hubby, and he has accepted the challenge. I've been meaning to get curtains up in the apartment for forever, but we are currently sporting only blinds. For the first year of our inhabitation I told myself we were in a trial period, and no one should expect me to hang curtains in a trial period apartment. Since March, we've officially moved out of the trial period. We've been at the apartment for a year, a happy, problem free year, with a nice landlady and laundry in our basement. We're not moving. Did I mention that the rent is affordable?

Off and on throughout the day, I've been trying to look at DIY window treatments. Very on the sly of course, as I wouldn't want anyone to think I wasn't working (well any more than they already do). I have curtains that we used at the last apartment. Five sets of ivorish panels. Some of them a little gross on the bottom, so I was trying to think of styles that would cover or exclude that section. Here are some ideas that I found on the internets:





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