Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Reader has Spoken!

I check my email on my iPhone each morning before I shower. It's incredibly pathetic, but I almost feel like I am catching up on everything that transpired over the night. This morning I had an email from my good friend Anne (who I'm meeting for dinner tonight yay!). She is apparently my lonley only avid reader, and was upset with me for going two days without an update.

I was (and continue to be) extremely flattered! Someone actually looks forward to reading my daily musings!

I won't bother my reader(s) with a litany of excuses for not having an entry for the past two days. I won't even make one. I'll simply promise it will never happen again. (I mean I did buy an app for my phone so that this wouldn't happen!)

Thanks to Anne for readig an loving my blog! It gives me confidence and the energy to continue!! So, continue I will, after I get to work and get my coffee. Why can write without coffee? Obviously, as you can see by this entry, not me.......

Ps. The picture has nothing yo do with the entry but don't you love it? I took that with my iPhone, if you can believe.


Anne said...

Haha love it! thanks! :)

That is a cool picture...where is that from?

Margie said...

It's in Boston in Downtown Crossing. I think on the same street as Fajitas and Ritas. It's was on a saturday and I thought it was adorable. You know how I love books :)

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