Friday, June 25, 2010

Un-Hemmed: Day of Sewing Dress

Doesn't the title sound like it could be a show on MTV? Basically any title with a colon in it could be an MTV show.

So, my friend Mo, demanded that I take pictures of the day of sewing dress. I am happy with how it came out, buy I had wanted to put some elastic detailing in the waist. I probably should have made the next size up I'd I had wanted to do that. Really, the dress fits and when I tried to do the elastic detail it just got too small.

So, here are pictures. (Disclaimer: my hair is a mess.) I tried first to take the pictures myself:

That obviously wasn't working so I asked Hubster to take a picture. I'm holding my hair up (it is so long) so you can see the straps and my other arm is on my hip cause, as my sister in law tells me, you've got to give the camera a little attitude.

Nice underwear right? (Note to self, different panties when I wear this for real)

Did I mention I haven't hemmed it yet? I'm not sure if I should keep it this length or go shorter? Any thoughts (sister, hubs, anne or my other probably imaginary readers)?


Anne said...

wow my name made it into this post!! :)

great job on the dress...i love the pattern! (ps...i also love your full length mirror)

I would go a little bit shorter with the hem so it hits you just above the's super cute as is are very talented!

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