Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day, Monday, my laziness...

This morning I had a ton of ideas for blog entries when I was in the
shower. Naturally, the shower is where I do my best thinking. I even
wrote them down so I wouldn't forget. There were three subjects on my
little post it note this morning, The pig roast, fathers day and my
issue with excessive sweating. I wrote about the pig roast (and am
obsessed with the fun title I gave it ). But, after that things kinda
just fell apart. I got too lazy to type. Maybe there's a way out there
where my thoughts can be converted to text? Is there an app for that?
Yesterday was fathers day. Hubsters got Daddy wishes several times.
Looks like people either don't care that we didn't have kids in tow or
I looked knocked up. I called my dad nice and early and said "happy
Fathers day dad. I appreciate u". He thought I was reading from a card.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. A new day that isn't Monday. I promise I'll try
harder to not be so lazy.


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