Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Epic Fail

I left work at exactly one thirty today, and made my way to the fabric store.  I got there in pretty good time, not hitting any traffic until I got out of the tunnel and on the other side of Boston.  Which brings up a point that I would like to discuss.  Is there ever a time in Boston that there isn't traffic on the expressway?  My thought is no.  Take today for example, two o'clock in the afternoon and I was forced to go ten miles an hour.

The dog just did the cutest thing.  Hubby and I are in bed, he's reading, I'm blogging, and the dog is laying at the end just completely wiped out.  Outside, there was a noise, and Guinness jumped up and pricked up his ears in the cutest way.  He's 13 pounds of fierce, fierce protectiveness, for about two seconds.  Then he goes limp in the fetal position (well...if a dog really could go fetal that is), and back to sleep.  Love him.

Anyways, I went to the fabric store and poked around for about an hour.  I settled on a sheer fabric for my tank top, some cotton for a dress I want to make for the vineyard, some blue knit material, and some khaki colored canvas.  I had decided that I wanted to make a couple things for our next vineyard trip.  My bill came to 20 dollars.  How can you beat that right??

I got home and got right to work on the tank.  Everything was going so well, until I realized that the first thing that I did should have been sewing the top seam together.  Then I should have sewed the side seams.  Only after that was all done should I have turned over all the edges that needed to be finished.  Really oversight, but a minor one.

A bigger oversight, and one that was not so minor was forgetting the need to add seam allowances. oops.  Once I got the tank together it was Way way way too small.  Now I'm not even sure what to do with it.  So I'm sleeping on it.  Have of me wants to just say Screw it.  The other half wants to make it work.

We'll see who wins tomorrow.  Since I know I'll think about it all day, if only to break the deafening silence of my office.


Anne said...

I am impressed you even ATTEMPT to make your own clothes. That's awesome! Please post a picture of this shirt!! I am dying to see! :)

Margie said...

I've got a picture to post...but it doesn't look too impressive at this point. I had to rip out the side seams cause it was so's a mess.

I think I am going to fix it it will be like a work in

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