Monday, June 21, 2010

Suuuuuw-eeeee! Pig, Pig, Pig!

Hubby and I went to a pig roast on Saturday.  Although it was located, north of the city, we had a great time.  Hubby and I are firm believers in the South Shore.  We will only venture north of the city to go to Maine, or for the very nearest and dearest to our hearts.  Saturday fell into the nearest and dearest category.
The pig roast was being hosted by the aunt and uncle of Hubby's college roomie.  Hubby and his roommate were randomly put together by the college freshman year.  Within days of meeting they realized that they had tons in common.  They were both guys, at college, and they liked to get drunk.  A lifelong friendship was born.  Hubby and J lived together all four years.  I lived with them for three a half (unofficially).   I got to meet J's sisters for the first time, which was great, as I had only heard about them before.
We arrived around one with J and M (our bestest college and post college buddies), way too much beer, tons of food, and folding chairs.  Everyone loved the beer and food, except for my bean burgers.  The bean burgers were mocked relentlessly.  All I could respond with was, "they're good".  No one likes the non meat eater at a pig roast/cookout.  
This pig roast, was not only host to the roasting piggy, but to a flip cup tournament.  We're big "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" watchers, and this flip cup tournament was in their honor.  (PS. if you haven't seen It's Always Sunny, you need to start.  It's hilarious.  I basically pee myself every single time I watch it.) J had Flip a delphia shirts made for his team, just like on the show (pictures to follow).  I had never played flip cup before, as throughout college I stayed loyal to Beruit.  Let me tell you, I was GOOD at flip cup.  Surprisingly good.  At one point M turned to me and explained "you are good at this, I didn't expect that.."
It was a fabulous time.  I drank some beers, got drunk, then got sober.  I was the driver, so my drinking fun happened only earlier in the day.  I like to call it, best of both worlds.  Hey, Diet Coke is in a can.  I could make believe I was drinking beer too.   It was great to be outside all day, and even though I didn't have any, the piggy smelled absolutely delicious.
Flip, Flip, Flip-a-Delphia!


Anne said...

Wow, I am not even close to being a vegetarian, but I don't know if I could knowingly eat something that looked like that! Have you ever eaten pig like that? I'm sure it must have smelled good.

And oh yeah, I gotta represent the North Shore and tell you that if you ever get a chance to go to Crane's Beach in my hometown of Ipswich you would definitely change your mind about the North vs South! It is BY FAR the best beach in MA in my opinion! :) The North Shore always gets a bad rep because of those sketchy areas along Rt. 1 just outside Boston...Cape Ann is where it's at!!! :)))

Margie said...

Once, when I was a kid, my grandparents took us to a Pig Roast that someone from their church was sponsoring. I think my parents were going to my mom's highschool graduation or something. Anyways, I remember that they brought us out back and introduced us to the pigs before dinner. I don't remember eating the pig that time either. I remember eating steamed clams and really really wishing that my Nan and Gramp had told us to bring our bathing suits (cause there was a pool).

I will definitely try Crane's Beach. The reason that we don't like the North Shore is totally Route 1. If we don't have to go up it, then it might be okay.

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