Friday, June 4, 2010

The Recovery and Reinventment Project .......Take Two!

Looks like I haven't posted on the blog since....what...November. One hell of a project I've got going here huh? Geez.

Well, lets bring you up to speed, since I've decided to give it another go. And, don't worry...I promise, I'll actually update this time. Not that anyone is actually still reading...

Since my last blog entry, in bulletted (is that even a word?), short story format:
  • I did reorganize my's kinda cluttered again...but still very organized.
  • I've spent considerable (I mean considerable) amounts of time with the MBTA. (Ps. I have a few suggestions....especially about the Green Line D Train service).
  • The job has gone from "Love it", to "Like it", to "ugh", to "AAAAH". Now, it's just "please hold me while I cry gently on your shoulder and you tell me that everything is going to be okay."
  • I've lost all my Post Disney World pounds !!! While the Free Disney Dining Plan was definitely economical it wasn't really waistline friendly. Sadly, I'm still about 10 pounds away from getting into my pre wedding, pre all inclusive vacation clothes (and being able to breathe).
  • Miles Run: Over 80
  • Books Read: Probably about 40.
  • Pants hemmed: 2
  • Clothes made: 1 shirt, 1 dress mended.
  • Fallen down the stairs: once, hurt.
  • And finally, I've tried, and failed, to live like an adult several times. And by live like an adult I mean, clean the apartment and take care of my clothes on a regular basis like real adults do. Isn't 28 still considered in your teenage years now?
Now, I wish that I had something incredibly catchy to write about. Something that would steal tons of people's interest. Something that would propel my blog into the blog stratosphere, and align myself with the blogging greats like Julie Powell. But, alas, I'm not a jilted lover who is going to see how many ways they can use their ex's wedding dress, nor did I find an adorable baby animal of some sort to photo-document on my property. All I've got is a semi -catchy (though I really did steal most of it from our President) blog title, some craftiness, and my stories about my life. Hopefully, that's enough to give me a chance.

My co-workers, the ones I talk to, think my life is a sitcom. Come to think of it, this makes a lot of sense, since my hasty arrival to this world came while my parents were watching "All Creatures Great and Small". If that's not humor, I don't know what is. (god I hate that show)

Chat with you soon....I promise....


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