Thursday, June 24, 2010

How does your Garden Grow?

This morning, when I was trying to water my garden as fast as humanly possible (why still doing a superb job), I decided it would be a good time to take some pictures. I love my little garden. It's a very very small garden, with some plants in the ground and others in containers. I'm not complaining though, not at all, Hubby and I are lucky that we have a backyard at all. We live in the city. Our last apartment barely had a spot where the dog could do his business. This place is better, nice backyard, plenty of room for Guinness to find a suitable spot, and garden space. It's the backyard version of a Garden of Eden, in Boston.

I took pictures on my iphone. The camera isn't that great, but they are easy to upload, no cords needed. My camera needs a cord. I know I should take pictures with that, but I'm constantly battling laziness. Laziness and speed helped the iphone win today, and probably my love of my iphone.

This first picture is of my plants in the ground. In the back right by the Trellis there's a tomato plant. To it's left is a cherry tomato plant. I'm not sure how good they are looking to be honest. In front of the tomato there are some flowers. Then, starting from the left to right, there is ball zucchini, ball zucchini, cucumber, cucumber, cucumber. In the very front is Swiss Chard. I'm so depressed about my Swiss chard cause it just doesn't look like it's doing well, and I have no idea what's wrong.

This next picture is of my herb arrangement. I plan on taking this into the house and having fresh herbs all winter. I just wanted it to get started (and fabulous outside). There's sweet basil in the middle, dill, cilantro, oregano (I think) and then some sad sad looking rosemary. Funny, the rosemary is the only one that didn't start from seed. I actually bought that as a plant, and it's just not fairing well. There's supposed to be parsley, but it didn't make the transplanting process....or it did and I'm just confusing it with the cilantro. I really need to get this figured out. Behind the herb container you can see a pot of little purple flowers. These are kinda browning but were really pretty. I've been kinda flakey with the watering cause there's been so much rain lately. I might be doing them a dis-service.

Next are my jalapeƱo peppers. I think they look pretty healthy. They were really tiny when I got them. My mom started everything for me, minus the herbs, Swiss chard and flowers in Maine. The jalapeƱos were not doing too well in Maine, but they seem to have come into their own since arriving.

Finally, the last container holds my flowers, and one more pepper plant, that I think may be too shaded by the leaves of the flowers. This container has dahlias (which I love) and some other flowers that I don't remember the name of (but the color was called the Wine and Cheese Mix). They are kinda in a non blooming stage right now...but the plants look good.

I'm glad I took these pictures this morning. If the weather people are right today, we're getting severe thunderstorms while I'm at work. Who knows what type of garden I'll be coming home to.


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