Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank God Its FRIDAY!!!

Man, this week has been a doosey for me an the Hubster. Most of the week was filled with your usual family drama. The kind of drama that superceeds everything and consumes all your thoughts (but what drama doesn't). When it finall subsides you think "thank god, this can never happen again". It usually does happen again, but in my case, I hope that was the end of it.

Last night we stopped at Hubbys mom to do a little Christmas vacation planning. I know it's only July, but we are planning on taking a family trip to Disney and needed to book the house before we lost it. My sister in law, I call her Peanut, was upstairs in bed sick. She had been there all day. Mommy in law was pretty sure she had strep and decided to tale her to the ER when we left (around 8).

Around 10 Hubby's mom called. We thought she was just calling to let us know what happened with our Peanut, but no. Peanut was still in the ER, and they were about to start an IV drip of fluids. She wanted us to come down. So out of our Pjs we changed and back into clothes. Thank god the hospital is very close. Peanut is terrified of needles, and we needed to be there to distract her from fainting. Hubby's mom is a helper to the elderly for a living and needed to run off and get her lady into bed.

We stayed with Peanut for a little over an hour. She was six and a half when a started dating my husband, so I've watched her grow up. We spend a lot of time together, so she was a lot more comfortable with us there.

When her mom got back we went home, since it was almost midnight. We got a call later when they left to tell us what was wrong, but I honestly am not sure I got it right. I was so tired.

Now, (thus is much less dramatic) this morning I go to turn on my Nook to read on the train and it's DEAD!! Let's just call this the cherry on top of a bad week.

I'll get through it, but thank god it's Friday!!


Anne said...

i agree with the title...TGIF!!

i hope Peanut is okay too! i also am terrified of needles!!

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