Friday, June 18, 2010

Favorites : Ice Cream

Summer, for me, means ice cream.  When I was little my parents would pile us into the car on a warm summer's evening and drive us over the the Dairy Joy for a treat.  This was my favorite.  I would usually get a vanilla soft serve in a cone (always in a cone) with rainbow jimmies (in Maine they are ALL called jimmies, not just the chocolate ones). When I got older, I moved on to the blizzard like treats (until self consciousness and lactose intolerance stopped me from eating those).
Sometimes, and this was really the best, if it was really really hot, my mom wouldn't want to make dinner.  Instead we would have ice cream sundaes.  Ice Cream for dinner was the best (probably most unhealthy) creation my parents ever made.  I've been trying to work this into my marriage/live in relationship for about the past six years.  I was horribly unsuccessful until earlier this year.  I'd had a terrible day at work, and hubby was trying to cheer me up. He suggested ice cream for worked, and he was (as I knew he would be)  instantly hooked.  Ice cream for dinner is a bad habit that I hope to pass on to my children.  It may not be "healthy" but it's oh so very good.
I digress.  Due to my love of ice cream Hubby and I always have a carton in the house.  Honestly, it doesn't last too long.  We like to round out our evenings with a scoop or two of ice cream.  Why not right?  We usually buy light ice cream, so that makes it healthy.  I know this isn't true deep down, but don't really care to accept it.   The flavor of the moment is Edy's Slow Churned Limited Edition Smores.  We have to buy another carton tonight, because it's limited.  We must eat as much of it as possible before it runs out. 
I know some of you are thinking, aren't you trying to be healthy and lose weight.  Yes, and I feel that the ice cream may be what is making all of this harder.  But, I have to ask myself, is a life without ice cream a life worth living?  I keep coming up with the same answer. No....not really.  Ice cream stays.  I'll just cut out other foods. Or run more.... 


Anne said...

That s'mores icecream is SO good! I had some at my parent's house last weekend...yummy! :)

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