Thursday, June 24, 2010

NOT my favorite.....

Missing my train in the morning is so not my favorite.

Hubsters suprised me with a new bag yesterday. He was being weird after work, I knew something was up. He said he had to go to Kinkos and photocopy some stuff for his client (he's working on a divorce), but he didn't want me to come. That was weird, cause hubby and I do everything together, but I went with it since I was preoccupied with my sewing (update to come shortly). Anyways, when he got home he had a bag from Nordstroms. He's just the sweetiest hubby ever (and not just cause of the bag). But, I tell this story cause this morning was a flurry of excitement putting my stuff into my new bag. It kinda made me late. Well, that and the fact that I watered the garden and ate breakfast.

Hubs drops me off at the train every morning which I greatly appreciate for several reasons. I'm a heavy sweater. ( that looks so funny. Lol) I break a sweat thinking about working out. If I had to walk to the train, even though it isn't far at all, my work clothes would surely be soiled ( love the word soiled and will jump at any opportunity to use it).

When Hubs drops me off and the train is sitting in the station my heart jumps a bit. When I hear the bell ringing my heart screams "ahhhhh". The bell means the train is getting ready to leave. The worst thing, maybe in the world (probably not, but go with it) is getting close to the doors and having them shut. You think maybe they will open them for u if you flash a "I'm running so late and am such a sweet girl" smile. But, they don't, they are hardened T workers. Sadly, your worst thing ever is their daily amusement. Life's a bitch like that.

Moral of the story: Businesses should get over punctuality. It's so 2009.


Anne said...

this is a great post! and totally true...david says the same thing about the T (I usually drop him off in the mornings). If the train is there when we pulls up he practically jumps out of the car before it's stopped moving! I'm sure he could totally relate to this.

also...that is so sweet of D to surprise you like that!!what a great husband you have! i want to see a picture of the bag by the way!!!! :)

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